How to Share High-Quality Reviews & Descriptions on The Vanlife App (& Why)!

A good location and/or review should help someone understand exactly what to expect when they get to their home for the night. It should be clear and concise, provide useful information about getting to the location (including the road conditions, length, etc.) and details about the campsite including relevant environmental concerns, local customs, and laws. Of course, it should also include a Leave No Trace message! 

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Amanda WintherComment
Vanlife, Geotagging and Preserving the Sanctity of Our Wild Spaces with Idle Theory Bus

If you’re going to visit a wild place, you need to show up with a sense of entering the sacred. Act as you would if you were a guest at a friend’s place of worship. Imagine your aunt takes you to temple on a holiday, or you’re encountering the Mona Lisa in person, or you’re listening to a Debussy piano concerto live. That is how you should behave, in spirit, with deference and with room for awe.

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Why Slow Travel Is The Best!

Travel is one of the most rewarding human experiences - it opens your mind and shows you there is no one way to live. It forces you outside of your comfort zone, and connects you to people and cultures you wouldn’t otherwise experience.

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