Frequently Asked Questions



What is the Vanlife app?

The Vanlife App is a community-owned, one-stop-shop for all things vanlife, dedicated to helping our community thrive. Find community, resources and your home for the night - all in one app!

The Vanlife App is your complete resource for life on the road.

  • We are on a mission to make life on the road, full-time or part-time, more accessible and sustainable

Who built the vanlife app?

The Vanlife App was built by vanlifers for all road travelers. Every community member plays a role in making this app great by adding reviews, locations and hosting gatherings!

Read more about the team who created the app!

is the vanlife app available in all countries?

Not quite yet! But we are working hard to be your global solution for all things vanlife. Each country has their own regulations, and that means lawyer fees! We appreciate your patience as we expand. Up next are Canada, Mexico, Australia, and some European Countries!

Send us an email and let us know where you want us to expand next:

What’s so special about this app?

We are the only app to connect you to community and resources! With upgraded social features, you can connect with nearby community members through messaging and attend or even host your own gatherings!

Together, we’re creating the largest collection of campgrounds, overnight parking and outdoor resources in the world.

Why does it cost money to use the social features of the app?

Subscriptions help us fund development, hosting fees and most importantly, they allow us to protect our outdoor spaces with financial contributions and action.

Premium subscribers have access to connecting with other users through messaging and seeing who is nearby, as well as details on upcoming vanlife gatherings.


Gatherings are meetup events hosted by community members. With a premium subscription, you can view upcoming gatherings near you. There are several types of Gatherings, and you can even host your own!

  • Micro-Meetups: You’re in town and you’re eager to make some new friends or maybe you’re just tired of having dinner alone. Use the plus icon in the bottom right hand side of the screen to host your own gathering, and let people in the area know you are down to hang out!

  • Weekend-long Gatherings: These events typically have a bit more planning behind them, workshops, sponsors, and they may even charge a fee to attend. Make sure to read the details in each post before showing up.

    • The Vanlife App is a tool to find these events and not necessarily a sponsor of events listed on the app.

Do I Need a van to join the community?

We think #vanlife is a state of mind and not exclusive to those who live or travel in a van. It’s not about how you get there, it’s about getting out there and living your own dream life. Trailers, RVs, skoolies, truck campers and weekend warriors are all included in this community - and our app has the information you need to know if your rig can make it to the campsite.

Does the app work on iphone or android?

The Vanlife App is currently available on iPhone and most Android devices. We are working to build a web-based version as well.

what are you doing to protect the places you are geotagging in the app? Aren’t you concerned that location sharing will destroy these wild places?

The Vanlife App is dedicated to protecting outdoor spaces, and we are making vanlife synonymous with sustainability through education, financial contributions and action.

As a Public Benefit Corporation, a portion of all sales are donated to non-profit sustainability initiatives.

We are Leave No Trace Proud Partners and require all members to abide by Leave No Trace Principles. We host regular cleanups of campsites and natural areas, and have mechanisms in place for users to report troubled locations.

Part of our Core Team are Dustin and Noami, Directors of Sustainability and Public Benefit. Dustin and Noami provide education to our community and the public about Leave No Trace, zero waste living and other sustainable lifestyle techniques.

We encourage the community to show off the positive impact they’re making on our lands by hashtagging #vanlifecommunitycares

I’m concerned about my privacy. What if I don't want to share my location?

For your safety and security, your exact location is NEVER visible to other members.

On the top left side of the main app screen is a lock icon. Click this to customize your privacy based on your current mood:

  • Off: Your location will not be shared with anyone

  • Friends Only: Your general location will be shared only with your connections

  • Anyone: All users can see your general location

When you have the switch set to "Friends” or “Anyone,” your profile will appear in a list of “People Nearby” - not as a pin on the map.

Can i host my own gathering?

Heck yes! If you build it, they will come!


I still have questions. who can i talk to on the team?

We love hearing from the community! Send us a message on Instagram, email us at or simply use the form below.

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